“The Great Parade” will take place on Lag B'Omer, Sunday, April 28, 2013 on Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway. from 10:00 am- 1:00 pm 

Town of Oyster Bay Chabad Community & Hebrew School will be joining and marching in the parade. We will be leaving at 8:45 am from 678 Woodbury Rd. and returning back there at 2:00 pm.

Visit thegreatparade.com to see more info about the exciting line-up of performers and floats.

The cost for a seat & t-shirt is $6.



We are very excited to announce that this Lag B'Omer, The Great Parade is back! In the past, over 35,000 children and their families participated in the greatest Jewish unity event ever- a celebration of joyful Jewish unity, paying tribute to the life and learning of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Rabbi Akiva, and all of the great Jewish men and women who brought new joy, pride, and unity to Am Yisroel! The parade will feature live entertainment, performers, floats, and marching bands, which will lead to a grand fair with many rides and concession stands. 

All it takes is 2 easy steps to join:

1.    Go online to www.thegreatparade.com

2.    Click Choose Group 'Town of Oyster Bay Chabad' and fill out the rest of the form

Registering will ensure that you will have seat, snack and "The Great Parade" t-shirt.

There will be Family Seating for our Group,There are dozens of eateries within walking distance of the parade that are worth the walk to visit after the parade.

To view our Group photos from the 2011 parade click here