High Holidays

Synagogue Prayer Services


   Friday Afternoon/Evening Services begin during the   
   Winter at 
Candle Lighting Time . Followed by a light Kiddush.  
   Summer (May - September) at
  7 :00 pm . Followed by a  light Kiddush. 

Kabbalah class with Rabbi Shmuel Lipszyc: 9am

    Shacharit Morning Services: 9:30 AM  Followed by a Kiddush ( Sponsor a Kiddush)    
Mincha and Maariv (Afternoon and Evening Services): 18 min. before Sundown ( Candle Lighting Time )

    Same as Shabbat.

Tisha B'av
    Mincha, Maariv - Afternoon and Evening Services with Eicha 8:30 PM