Bar and Bat Mitzvah Lessons

Is your daughter having a Bat Mitzvah? Has your son got a Bar Mitzvah coming up? Not sure what to do?

Town of Oyster Bay Chabad is well experienced in preparing young boys and girls for this special occasion. We will provide your son/daughter with what s/he needs to be well prepared, have a general knowledge about Judaism and a real positive experience about his/her Jewish identity and Bar/Bat Mitzva occasion.

It is advised to start lessons 6 full months before the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Service

Our synagogue affords families the opportunity of participating either at the public service on Shabbat morning or at a private family service that may be scheduled during the week or on a Sunday.

A date for a bar or bat mitzvah service may be scheduled once a child reaches fifth grade. 

Standard Rates*

Have Rabbi Shalom officiate your child's special day.**

  • $300 - Hebrew School student.
  • $600 - Non Hebrew School student.

**The Rabbi can only officiate at a Kosher venue. 

Lessons (45min.)

  • $55 - Hebrew School students.
  • $65 - Non Hebrew School students.

Synagogue Fee

  • $300 - Hebrew School student.
  • $600 - Non Hebrew School student. 


 *All Jewish Children have a right to a Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Please contact Rabbi Shalom for a non judgmental  special arrangement.