This Website was created during the High Holidays 2007.

As of Jan 1 2008...

  1. Our website currently offers 26,536 pages of information, 2,762 audio classes and 1,097 video clips!
  2. Our website contains 287 Jewish Songs.
  3. 108 complete books (more added almost every week)
  4. Our website contains a sophisticated online calendar system that includes a complete digest of time related Laws and Customs.
  5. Our website has more than 220 kosher recipes for all your favorite Jewish Holiday foods!  
  6. 2,415 pages of Holiday content.
  7. Our online library includes the Tanach (Hebrew scripture) with Rashi's commentaries, fully translated in English as well as Torah insights from 563 of authors spanning a hundred generations of scholars and Chassidic masters!
  8. Our website contains thousands of comprehensive essays and insights to the mysteries and teachings of the Kabbalah!
  9. Our website has an amazing 15-step wizard that can walk you through the basics of Kosher Jewish eating!
  10. Our website has 5 user friendly wizards that can walk you through every aspect of the Shabbat including Candle Lighting, Friday Night, Shabbat Rest, Shabbat Day and Havdalah.
  11. Please test our Donate Online system now! 
  12. Our powerful website date converter tool can give you all past or future Bar / Bat Mitzvah, Yartziet and Jewish Birth dates!
  13. On our website you can look up Shabbat candle lighting times for any location worldwide!
  14. On our website you can subscribe to our E-Weekly!

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