Q: Whom does the Aleph Champ Hebrew School cater to?
A: Our school caters to all Jewish children of all backgrounds and affiliations in the east nassau county region of long island.

Q: What grades/ages is the school for?

A: Our school currently serves children ages 4 until Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Q: How do I register?

A: The registration forms can be quickly and easily completed using our Secure online registration form followed by a meeting with our Hebrew School Director Rabbi Shalom.

Q: Will my child learn to read Hebrew?
A: Yes!  Your child will learn to read Hebrew, to become familiar with the liturgy of Shabbat and the holidays, to recognize key Hebrew root words from the liturgy, and to understand the major themes of the prayers.  All of these skills will enable your child to be an active and informed participant in our community.  Please refer to the Hebrew and Judaics curricula for a full description of what else your child will learn. 

Q: Do children have to have any prior Hebrew knowledge or religious background to join your school?

A:  No. In fact our reading program is individualized in a way that children can join in at any time and learn on their own pace. We are also sensitive to the fact that the children may be from different religious backgrounds and our curriculum is designed make everyone feel included.

Q: We heard feedback from some of the parents who actually joined different Hebrew schools before coming to yours.  Their kids were not happy, and after 2 or 3 years of attendance they didn’t learn how to read Hebrew. They joined your school and loved it!  After just one year of being with you, they are reading Hebrew, knowing the meaning of Holidays and many other things. What’s your secret?

A: we use a successful curriculum called the Aleph Champ Program, which uses a martial arts-based color system to reward students and encourage them to want to pass to the next level of study. The students, therefore, feel challenged to learn Hebrew better and faster, and still enjoy fun, singing and interactivity.

Additionally, there are many Hebrew Schools that encourage preparing for Bar Mitzvah as young as 9 years old. This approach is stressful and makes them feel that Hebrew school is another obligation. A lot of children don’t enjoy Hebrew School because of this.  We don’t do that. We let the child learn, explore, have fun and feel accomplished. Just enjoy the Jewish experience. You are not getting ready for a ceremony; you are getting ready for a Jewish life! When the child begins Hebrew School early on and masters the Hebrew language then when the time for Bar Mitzvah preparation comes it is easy for him.

Q: What will my child(ren) need in order to attend the Aleph Champ Hebrew School?
A: Standard school supplies (lined-sheet notebooks, three-ring binders, pencils and erasers, etc.; lists of required supplies are issued by each teacher at the start of the school year).

Q: What is the schedule of a typical day at the Aleph Champ Hebrew School?

A: The Aleph Champ Hebrew School is on Wednesday Evenings at 4:30 - 6:15pm.

Class begins with a short Prayer followed by Hebrew Reading using our acclaimed Aleph Champ Program. Class time is broken up with a five minute break and then concludes with the Judaic Curriculum.

Q: When does the school year begin?

A: Our school year begins in September/October. 


How do I connect to the Hebrew School and the community?


Q: How will I learn about what’s happening at Hebrew School?

A: We have found that email is the most efficient and effective way to communicate with parents. There will be one Hebrew School email every two weeks, which will be sent on Sundays and will include information on upcoming events, schedule changes, Aleph Champ level updates, and Mazal Tovs ....

Class Shabbat Dinners

Each class comes together during the year for a Shabbat dinner following services. These meals are a wonderful opportunity for each class to experience and celebrate Shabbat with their community. Meals are catered, and your entire family is invited to attend, including parents and siblings. There is a per-person fee to attend these meals. You will receive registration materials approximately one month before your class dinner.

Q: How can my family become more connected to what my child is learning in Hebrew School?

A: We believe that parents are our most powerful co-educators in creating a meaningful Jewish experience for children.  We also believe that a child’s education can be a unique opportunity for parents to begin or continue their own Jewish exploration and study. By giving of your time and energy, you will be helping to enrich the experience of all our children.  Volunteering is also an excellent way to get more involved in and connected to the community.  Some examples of how you might volunteer include:

  • Help plan a Shabbat dinner or lunch

  • Help coordinate a class Chanukkah party

  • Volunteer for the Purim Event

  • Make phone calls to Hebrew School parents

  • Offer administrative support (graphic design, helping with mailings, photocopying, etc.)

In addition, this year we are working on a new channel for parents to become involved as educators in their children’s classrooms.