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Shelley Fazio

Elaine Fleischman

Allan and Barbara Goldstein

Lonnie and Fredda Goldstein

Zvi Hava

Lana Khodosh

Nora Muhlbaum-Leeds 

Bruce and Cheryl Lev

Alexander Levine 

Robyn and Jeffrey Marks

Lee and Lillian Roth

Gayle Singer 

Rachel and Joe Slater 

Asher and Madelyne Sperber

Steve and Daylia Simons

Steven and Ruth Stockner

David and Esther Miriam Schwartz

Kenneth and Roxann Weinstein 

Murray and Liz Weiser 


What the Kiddush Boosters are all about.

Kiddush Boosters are men and women who appreciate the great value that comes to the community from the Shul hosting a weekly Kiddush.

They know that when people get together in a relaxed setting, with delicious food, joyes and soulful singing, shmoozing, kibbitzing, and sharing words of Torah and inspiration, that amazing things can happen.

Kiddush Boosters contribute $5 a week to pay for a shopper, setup and cleanup, and a pool of funds to insure a Kiddush happens every week, even when no sponsors have stepped forward.

Members also commit to sponsoring one standard Kiddush a year. 

We honor these salient members - who go beyond their regular donations that cover Chabad's many important programs and projects -by saying a special prayer every Shabbat to honor them, (printed in the Siddur as the third prayer after the Haftorah,) and a list of all members are on display in the lobby and on our website. 


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