Friday Light Campaign

To receive your Free Candle Lighting Magnet for the Year 2011-2012 please stop by Our Center (Over 250 Women picked up their magnet this year)  678 Woodbury Rd, Woodbury NY 11797 

TOB MyFridayLight is a campaign started in 2009, Jewish women communitywide to experience a weekly moment of inner peace, combating darkness, while connecting to other Jewish women, through the timeless practice of lighting Shabbat candles.
TOB MyFridayLight aims to provide the Jewish women in our community with attractive Shabbat candle-lighting kits, including local candle lighting time FridayLight magnets, candlesticks and candles.
Inspiring programs and events are in the works, including candle lighting house parties, prayer circles and more, reaching as many women as possible, to be a part of this global power, to bring light to the world . 
This campaign will be publicized through media as well as through posters and mailings. 

We hope you will join us in Sharing the Light!
To donate to this worthy campaign, click here