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Great Women of The Bible The Rest of the Story

"Chaya is one of a kind! Her vast knowledge, coupled with her energy and enthusiasm makes her classes something unreal! I would never miss it if I could help it" says Elyse Margolies of Woodbury

This once monthly lecture series for women, examined through the lens of the classical Biblical commentaries and Traditional Mystical teachings, promises to be both fascinating and intellectually stimulating,  

Get factual answers to life's burning questions, such as "How does Judaism really view women?"

It's like meeting these well known women for the very first time. A magnificent tapestry of insight and inspiration, gleaned from the rich lives of the Matriarchs and other Biblical women. There's a lot more to their stories than we realize. And when we dig deeper, we discover their stories have a surprising 21st Century relevance and a message for women in any era, circumstance.

Great Women of the Bible study series, with renowned guest lecturer Mrs. Chaya Franklin, takes place once a month, @ Town of Oyster Bay Chabad, 678 Woodbury Rd., Woodbury. If you cannot make this session, but would like to be informed about future sessions,  send an e mail to [email protected] 

RSVP For more info, call 516 682-0404. $10 in advance $12 at the door $36 Sponsor

The Town of Oyster Bay Chabad Women's Circle is a fast-growing group that provides an opportunity for Jewish women to meet new friends and socialize in a relaxed setting. The monthly events explore contemporary Jewish issues & discussing topics that lie at the bedrock of our heritage.