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 A Glimpse Of The Chassidic World - Walking Tour Of Crown Heights

Woodbury, NY - Sunday, April 3 @ 10 AM - 

Town Of Oyster Bay Chabad will be leading a walking tour of Chassidic Crown Heights, where participants will be treated to a fascinating glimpse of another world.


Visit a Passover Matzah Bakery in action, a scribe writting the ancient letters in a Torah scroll, Jewish shops, 770 Eastern Parkway, including the Rebbe's Library - of valuable ancient texts and heirlooms, a Hassidic Boys Yeshiva in progress, dine in a Kosher Bagel eatery and much more.

Visit an entire community totally immersed in living and breathing Judaisim 24/7, joyously  following the laws and traditions of the Torah (Jewish Bilbe) as their parents and ancestors have for thousands of years.  

No Charge. Cars will be leaving from Town of Oyster Bay Chabad at 10 AM, where maps and schedules will be distributed. RSVP here  For more info., call 516 682-0404