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I looked up the word "friendship" and this is what I found: friend*ship. noun. a state of mutual trust and support between people.
Imagine a community where children form strong friendships, families come together to share holidays and join in each other's special occasions, enjoysome chicken soup or maybe even delve into the depths of the mystical writings of the Torah....
....No need to imagine any more. Welcome to Town of Oyster Bay Chabad where it is warm, inspirational and best of all - it's for people like you.
Our mind-set of accepting you as you are - no matter your background - and giving you the great opportunity to experience Judaism in a welcoming and positive atmosphere, will make you feel at home in no time. The members of Chabad come from every walk of life and level of involvement. I am sure you have friends who already enjoy Chabad, and so can you!
Our growing Hebrew School is as fun as it is educational. Our High Holiday services are meaningful and inspiring. Our full menu of programming caters for all ages and every palette. Our community is just for you!
As we start the preparations for the High Holidays, we invite you to become a member of the Chabad community for $770 per family. If it is easier, you can pay it monthly over the course of the year. If that is too much, please call me to discuss something that can work for you.
I understand that choosing a congregation is a very sensitive decision. So if there is anything you would like to discuss about Chabad, our philosophy, our organizational structure or our policies, please call me at 516.682.0404.
If you would like to come just for the High Holidays, seats are $99 per person. You can make a reservation at www.Jewishtob.tix.com. If at this time you choose not to become a member or attend our High Holiday services, a donation of any amount would be appreciated to help us grow. Of course, you are always welcome to attend any of our programs at any time.
I look forward to seeing you many times throughout the year.
Rabbi Shmuel Lipszyc